​​ANTI-AGING facial:

This intensive repair treatment begins with a cleansing, professional exfoliation and removal of impurities. Specialized lymphatic massage in combination with an eye contour treatment reduces puffiness and diminishes fine lines. This facial is one of our most popular & effective services and is designed to lift, firm, refine and smooth the skin. Ideal for maturing and/or environmentally damaged skin.

PCA Peels:

We offer different levels/grades of peels that are determined by your individual skin type.  This treatment will give you the most noticeable results when done regularly, preferably 3-5 weeks apart.  When bought in a series, it significantly reduces your rate by 30%.  Purchase 3 or more and you will receive each peel for only $59.50.  We want our customers to see and feel a difference in their skin.  That's why we offer competitive rates and incentives to ensure having great skin does not have to cost a small fortune!

Hydrating, relaxing facial: 

Take a deep breath in.. and out.. Let go of your tension during this facial.  Deep cleansing, exfoliation, warm towels & minimal extraction if needed.  Arm, neck & scalp massage followed by a finishing mask, toner & moisturizer for your specific needs. You will leave de-stressed with hydrated, smooth radiant skin.

Glycolic treatment:  Glycolic acid will reduce the appearance of fine lines & dissolve dead skin cells.  Instantly soften the skin.  This facial is effective for ACNE control and is the most beneficial for AGE management.

Purifying Pumpkin enzyme treatment:  purifies, exfoliates, hydrates & rejuvenates - ideal for most skin types

Papaya enzyme treatment:  ideal for rosacea and sensitive skin types.. a more gentle approach to receive the same results
These treatments will eliminate bacteria & dead skin which is our first step to healthier more radiant skin.  Enzymes are used to digest & lift away dead skin cells, smoothing & polishing the skin.  Benefits include a great exfoliation for anti-aging, fine lines, mild acne and large pores.  Enzymes also contain brighteners to fade hyper pigmentation and blemishes.

Collagen blanket facial: 

Our cooling collagen blanket is drenched in vitamins, acids & hydrating ingredients to exfoliate, lighten & hydrate the skin to reduce/prevent hyper pigmentation while increasing skins natural moisture factor.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and also calms & soothes irritations.  Leaves skin hydrated, feeling softer & looking younger. 

Ultrasonic facial treatment: 

This gentle, non invasive treatment is safe & suitable for all skin types, from acne, rosacea to mature skin.  Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this treatment!  Ultrasonic uses low frequency ultrasound that provides superior exfoliation by using gentle water bubbles that move with the flow of liquid across the skin to kill bacteria and viruses which will assist in the control of acne.  Not only will you notice a reduction in the symptoms but also the increase in skin hydration, better laxity & improved over-all texture.

Gentleman's facial:​  steam, exfoliation and deep pore cleansing stimulates cellular renewal to combat aging and stressed skin. ​

Back facial:  deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction if necessary & a purifying mask to aid on problematic back skin prone to breakouts.

Teen facial:  customized facial to skin type and helps introduce teens to proper skin care.

~ Detailed facial info below ~

We are proud to carry PCA Skincare. 

Achieve healthy skin, no matter your concern at a price that's right for you!

Healthy, beautiful skin is our mission.  With products that are specifically formulated to target signs of visible aging, acne, skin discolorations and sensitive skin conditions, PCA SKIN® can help you get the skin you’ve always wanted. We carry an array of cleansers, toners, daily SPF moisturizers, firming night creams, eye treatments, serums & kits.  We would be happy to help you find a daily regiment that is perfect for your individual skin concerns.

add-on treatments:

enzyme: +10

​-great exfoliation for anti-aging, fine lines, mild acne & large pores.

collagen eye or lip treatment:  +25 (both for 40)

​- helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

eye contour treatment:  +20

- recommended for under eye bags, dark circles & wrinkles.​  Ideal for reducing

puffiness, improving the appearance of the entire eye area​​

 lymphatic massage/drainage:  +30

activates lymph circulation, which then accelerates blood circulation.

ampoule booster:  +10 

​a supercharged serum with a higher concentration of active ingredients.​​


Anti-aging facial:  110

PCA Peels: 85  (Peels purchased in packages of 3+ are reduced to $59.50 each)

PCA custom facial:  99-125

Ultrasonic facial: 99   (Series of 3 for $269)

                                        (Series of 6 for $499)

Hydrating, relaxing facial: 99

Glycolic detox or Enzyme treatment: 89

Collagen blanket facial: 99 

​Gentleman's facial: 75

Back facial: 60+

​Teen facial: 60+

~ Each facial is designed to target specific, individual areas of concern. 

Scroll down to read details about our facials.  Please allow 45 min.- 1 hr. for any peel or facial, depending on your individual skin type.  If you are unsure what facial is most beneficial for your skin, we will give you a 5-10 minute

complimentary consult right before your visit!

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